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俱乐部活动 & 为了好玩

参与, or creating a club is a great way for a 索尔斯堡 Knight to share or find an interest or passion. While we offer a nice menu to choose from, students are always encouraged to introduce something new! See the slideshow below to view our current clubs, organizations and leadership opportunities.




级长是全国十大赌博官网的传统.These sixth formers assist dormitory faculty in leading the supervision of the dorms and day students.  搁着 are selected for their leadership ability and serve as role models to the students within the dorm and around campus. 



索尔斯堡 hosts a 大兄弟 program which pairs together little brothers from 索尔斯堡 Central School (grades 3-5) with 索尔斯堡 boys. On many Friday evenings the little brothers join our boys for dinner in the Dining Hall and then head down to the Flood Athletic Center for a variety of activities ranging from soccer and basketball to games like chess, uno, 卡片, 和积木. Our boys are excited to participate in a program in which they mentor and foster a relationship with a young boy who shares like interests. 



在全国十大赌博官网, we work hard to instill in our students a sense of leadership that is authentic to each boy. 领导力的产品是无穷无尽的, 从一年, 同行的领导人, 体育船长, 俱乐部咨询, 和学生政府. 



The goal of the 辩论俱乐部 is to empower our boys with the skills of expressing their thoughts, 的想法, and beliefs on current world topics clearly and concisely through public speaking and meaningful communication in a structured setting.



塞勒姆的游戏是十大靠谱网赌平台住宅项目的一个有趣的组成部分, incorporating a lighter side of brotherhood in our Dorm Competitions. The events include intellectual challenges, citizenship recognition and athletic contests.  Evening dodgeball games and pumpkin pie eating contests are among the most popular and competitive!  



除了参加教堂, students have the opportunity to participate in the 教堂 program by joining the Vestry. This student group oversees 教堂 services and assists in various ways as leaders, 读者, 主持人, 助手, 和招待员. It is always a fun group of boys who appreciate and support the role of 教堂 in the life of 索尔斯堡 School. 



Our 社区服务计划 encourages our boys to give of themselves for the betterment of our greater community. Our program is an advisor-based program which reinforces the advisor-advisee relationship beyond the campus, 同时培养个人成长和领导能力. 通过这些经历, we make an impact in our local community and learn what it means to be a member of a larger community.   



烹饪俱乐部定期聚会学习烹饪技巧, 要有创意, 实验, 社交, 玩得开心, and reap the benefits of enjoying the foods that are made from scratch.



Our Dramatic Society is one of the most vibrant and inclusive organizations on the Hilltop, 从所有四种形式中抽取参与者, 所有体育团队, 教师, faculty families and – for female roles – other schools in the region. The Dramatic Society mounts two productions each year – one in the fall trimester, 另一个在冬季的三个月. 



The robotics program at 索尔斯堡 offers students the opportunity to design, 构建, 并为参加全国比赛的机器人编程.  在秋季和冬季的三个月期间提供的一项运动, students work together as a team at the robotics lab in the Wachtmeister-Bates Math and 科学 Building.  In 2019, the school invested in a 144 square foot arena from Vex 机器人.  The VEX 机器人 Design System offers students an exciting platform for learning about areas rich with career opportunities spanning science, 技术, 工程学和数学. 

欲了解更多信息,请联系 Instructor in 数学 Scot Beattie and Instructor in 科学 Kurt Colling.



The goal of the math team at 索尔斯堡 is to improve students' problem solving abilities while having fun!  欢迎并鼓励每个人加入.  The math team competes in several international competitions throughout the year.  In February, dozens of students take the American 数学 Competition (AMC), held on our campus.  We are proud to support a small group of students who then qualify for the American Invitational 数学 Examination (AIME), 在全国数学系名列前茅.  

2月份也, eight students selected from the math team represent 索尔斯堡 at the Harvard-MIT 数学 Tournament (HMMT) in Cambridge, MA.  HMMT is one of the largest and most prestigious high school competitions in the world. 每场比赛吸引了来自世界各地的近1000名学生, 包括在国内和国际奥运会上得分最高的运动员.  This school sponsored trip is an amazing opportunity for our students to experience the Harvard and MIT campuses while competing against some of the best student mathematicians internationally.

另外, the 索尔斯堡 math team fosters engagement with other local boarding schools' math teams while attending events such as the Hotchkiss Math Bash. 欲了解更多信息,请联系数学老师Scot Beattie.







参与, or creating a club is a great way for a 索尔斯堡 boy to share or find an interest or passion. While we offer a nice menu to choose from, students are always encouraged to introduce a new club!

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