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Living on the Hilltop


It's easy to find your place at 索尔斯堡! Our vibrant community thrives on the concept of brotherhood, evident through our character-based approach to everything we do. jennifer siff, director of campus life 

At 索尔斯堡 we do everything right for boys! We celebrate what it means to be a boy and have designed a school w在这里 boys succeed and tradition matters. 



Take a look at life on the Hilltop, see what Knights do in the classroom, on the ice and playing fields and so much more!



With guest speakers, 比赛, community engagement, and classroom projects, life at 索尔斯堡 is full of potential!




From the family-like dynamic between students and faculty, our wide range of clubs and organizations, social opportunities, leadership and service, to our time honored traditions, your time at 索尔斯堡 will be meaningful and fun! 



View photos from weekend activities, Hilltop events and athletic 比赛.


The 索尔斯堡 magazine is shared twice each year and gives readers a 360 degree view of who we are.  Also view our digital issue of the magazine 在这里.


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Our Instagram images tell many stories, you can catch the latest in sports on @SarumKnight and be sure to LIKE us on 脸谱网.

LEADS SPeaker series

At 索尔斯堡, we work hard to help you cultivate a leadership style that is authentic to you. The leadership offerings are endless ranging from 长官, Peer Leaders, Student Government, sports captains, Club advisory, and the list goes on.

在十大靠谱网赌平台的 LEADS Speaker Series, 索尔斯堡 students have the unique opportunity to meet with, 在某些情况下, become mentored by leaders within our greater community.   

how to make an impact
*经验 countless opportunities to enrich our community
*应用 the tools to make a difference
*开发 your own unique leadership style
* Service; the heart of a 索尔斯堡 Gentlemen!

Past LEADS Speakers:
, ESPN, Director/ Producer "30 For 30" Films, 无乐器演奏团耶鲁Whiffenpoofs合唱团、诗人 迈克尔O 'Sidhail,慈善家 杰夫Erdmann 81,  亨利Lystad, Executive Director of the Global Conservation Fund, Bjoern沃纳的10, Former Defensive End, Indianapolis Colts, 凯蒂罩, One Love Foundation, 迈克一巴掌、音乐艺术家, 马特Bellace喜剧演员, 泰勒锋利,电影制片人.

A Place W在这里 Leaders Are Born

At 索尔斯堡 School, we believe the high school years are among the most formative of any boy’s life. They are a time when boys discover who they are and what they stand for, and when they develop the values that will stay with them throughout adulthood.

What makes us different from other top boys’ boarding schools in the Northeast is our focus on molding the whole individual. We believe strong values can’t be taught solely in the classroom or on the playing field. Our approach stresses mental, 物理, creative and spiritual development as part of the same character-building process.

为实现这一目标, we offer a rigorous program that involves academics, 体育与艺术, as well as an immersion in the rich community life our campus provides. The majority of our 310 students live on campus, sharing meals and participating in activities together. Over 30 interscholastic sport teams provide opportunities at a variety of levels, while our music and art studios are among the best equipped of any private boys’ school in the Northeast.

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